Irma may have forced our hand to move our GA start location from Kingsland to Waycross but she didn't but a damper on any other aspect of The Void 12. Word from the riders was this was probably the best weather Void riders have seen in 5 or 6 years...
We'd like to thank all the riders who registered to ride with us. We appreciate your trust and confidence in our ability to provide you a challenge.

To this year's staff - despite not being as robust as we usually are, your dedication and attention to detail provided the riders with a smooth recovery and scoring process. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated - thank you!!
The Void riders were once again asked to make a charitable contribution to The Fisher House*. This year we had the largest donation total since we have been asking riders to contribute to The Fisher House - $3,516.50!! To the rider who contributed 55% of that total in a single donation and all the riders who contributed - thank you on behalf of The Fisher House and the families who will  benefit from your kind generosity.

The Void will be back next year with our 13th edition on October 5-6, 2018. Registration will open sometime mid-June or early July but definately before August 1, 2018.

*This does not constitute an endorsement of, or any affiliation to, The Void by The Fisher House FoundationTM.

Updated September 17, 2017
  The Void is brought to you in cooperation with the Mason Dixon 20-20 Riders Club, Charter 2993.

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