Want to know if we changed something or you missed something on the group forum? Just check back here periodically to get the latest.

12 August: 10-hour riders - expect the Emergency Contact form you are directed to bring with you to registration to be worth some points this year, we're tired of having to provide you with one because you "forgot"...

All - The new forum is established, current year riders and those you have participated in the past will be provided the URL. This forum is for registered riders only (past and present - once you're in, you're in...).

22 July: As a result of requirements established by Facebook we are not willing to comply with, The Void's Facebook account has been deactivated.

2 July: News & Info page posted.
- Still working on getting a new forum established.
- We will be providing the option to use smart phones to submit photos durng the rally. Rules and procedures for this will be forthcoming. 


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