Your gracious contributions raised $1,700 for John Hopkins Children's Hospital. While many of you will never believe it - the drawing was legitimate and The Void's Rallymaster (also one of the two CO-VOID 20-20 Rallymasters) won the Mason Dixon 20-20 quilt raffle. This quilt will be re-raffled at The Void 16 in 2021 with all proceeds going to John Hopkins Children's Hospital.

Additional information wil be provided as we get closer to Void registration sometime in June, maybe July and as I always say - no later than August 2021.

Suitable for a Queen sized bed
(the quilt not the holder)

Back and border    


Close up of a block

This, by NO stretch of the imagination, means JHCC is affiliated with or supports The Void. It DOES however mean that the community of rally riders have hearts of gold and seize every opportunity to provide the support necessary to those in need of it. Ride safe, ride smart and ride with the knowledge you made a difference. It's only 2 gallons of gas for goodness sake...

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