Registration for the CO-VOID 20-20 is going to be a little different this year as a result of the combined efforts of The Void and Mason Dixon 20-20.
So, until registration opens for The Void aspect of CO-VOID 20-20, here is a bit of an update.
If you registered for the Mason Dixon 20-20 you received an e-mail on April 20, 2020 from the esteemed Rallymaster informing you of the situation and offering several options for you to consider. You won’t find any of that information here so refer back to that e-mail. You will however, find information you will need in the future on this website so keep checking back periodically.
If you rolled in here looking for information on The Void you came to the right place - just keep in mind – this year it is the CO-VOID 20-20.
There will be 3 start locations:  London, KY; Hinesville, GA;  and Binghamton, NY - all finishing in Fredericksburg, VA.  As of right now, a 10-hour rally will be available.
First thing to take note of – KY and GA starts will be standard Void spider start location procedures, i.e. CO-VOID 20-20 bonus list, rally flag & book distribution, start procedures, etc – no different from any other Void year.
This year’s northern start out of Binghamton, NY will be run as a standard single rally start location with a riders’ dinner on Thursday night and a different schedule for the distribution of the Mason Dixon 20-20 bonus list, rally flag and rally book.
Second thing to take note of – if you are not registered to ride the Mason Dixon 20-20 but desire the northern start location you can do that - additional information will be forthcoming so be patient and don't ask. You will be registering as an MD 20-20 rider.  Heads up - as a northern starter you will need a small, roughly 3 inch across, yellow rubber duck for the rally. You will need to present it at rally check-in. This is a Binghamton, NY start requirement only.
Registration fee for the CO-VOID 20-20 will be $120 solo and $195 2-up for the Kentucky and Georgia start locations and $150 solo and $225 2-up for the New York start. 

If you are not a registered rider but would care to join us at the Finisher's Banquet, a Ride to Eat (RTE) option is available for $40. You will need to register at Ride Master and select RTE option.
The rallymasters still have several items under discussion and consideration for this year’s event. We will try to make decisions and disseminate information as early as possible to give you as much time as we can to allow you to make whatever decisions or arrangements you may need to make.  Until registration opens – please check back occasionally for updates.

Last updated: May 30, 2020. Updares since last revision will be in blue font for ease of identification.

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