Changes to the schedule have been made.


TAKE NOTE: You will be required to submit bonuses by sending a picture attached to an e-mail using your smart phone. If you cannot comply with that requirement then do not register

For those that have registered but not completed the process - paperwork must be received before September 25, 2020.
The following information was provided to assist you in registering for CO-VOID 20-20. 

Attention Northern Starters and Northern Starters Only: don't forget to bring one small (approximately 3" in diameter) yellow rubber ducky on the ride with you. 



After you registered with Ride Master the Rallymasters sent you via email the following forms; Emergency Contact Form and Waiver Release Form. Each starter (and pillion if 2-up) must submit, via snail mail, a completed Emergency Contact Form, a completed Waiver Release Form requiring a notary public witness, and proof of insurance in order to complete the registration process.

There is not a RTE option.

All riders will be required to provide proof of insurance in the amount described in the Rules and Regulations section of this website. Proof of insurance is only accomplished by submitting your policy’s Declaration Page. Your insurance card will not satisfy this requirement unless it has the amount of coverage listed on it.
Starters will complete this requirement via mail by submitting proof of insurance with their Emergency Contact Form and notarized Waiver Release Form.

Payment may be made using PayPal when registering via Ride Master or by mailing a check.

Checks must be made out to Atlantic Coast Rallies, Inc. Any check not made out to Atlantic Coast Rallies, Inc. WILL BE RETURNED.
Mailing Address:
The Void
P.O. Box 42
Garrisonville, VA 22463
Registration Fees:
** Solo Riders $70
** 2-up Riders $100
** A fleece is included in rider registration fee this year.


Last updated August 30, 2020

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